What’s on your Jeep Christmas list?

This time of year, I see so many Jeepers talking about what they hope to see under the tree. I, for one, am not expecting a lot of Jeep-related gifts, but if I were, here’s what would be tops on my list.

  1. Rock sliders — I’m dying to pull off the tube steps that were on my Jeep when I bought it. Right now, I’m eyeing the VKS Pre-Runner sliders, as they mimic the great look of the Poison Spyder Rocker Knockers, but mount to the frame and feature a built-in step.
  2. Winch — I picked up a fairlead mount to go on my Crawler Conceptz bumper, intending to use it as a license plate mount. With my plate no longer there, (I removed it to keep the plate from being aerodynamically bent to the bumper’s shape) it looks odd sitting there by itself. I could remove it, but what fun would that be?
  3. Seat covers — While my kids are getting older now, I do still frequently have riders in the back seat. And, my no-food-or-drink-in-the-Jeep rule isn’t nearly as well enforced as it was a year or two ago. So, I’d love to have some insurance against spills. It’d be nice to get a set of custom-embroidered, color-matched Bartact covers to complement my rig’s theme, too.

So, those are the things I’d most like to wake to Christmas morning. Now, what’s on your list this year?


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