Dusted with beauty



We finally received our first snow of the year this weekend! It was only about an inch, and a sunny Sunday ensured it was all gone by the start of a new work week. But, still, it was nice to see at least a little white stuff.



  1. We’ve gotten our fair share of snow up here as well. We’ve gotten 18-inches over the last two weekends. I’ve been pretty happy to have such a capable vehicle. I had to get pictures of Sanata Claus for the paper during the middle of a snow storm. I guess Santa doestn’t stop for the weather, but neither does my Jeep.

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    1. Awesome! I was once (pre-Jeep) asked to brave a blizzard dumping record snowfall in order to get to the paper. I got stuck a quarter mile from my house, and had to walk back. We were only able to get two reporters in that day, but our coverage won awards — even if the papers never got to the readers!


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