Um, yeah, that exhaust tip shouldn’t look like that …

We’ve all had those trail experiences: You feel a hit or hear a noise, but you can’t discern its origin. On Sunday, crawling along the Canadian River with my daughter and a friend, we came down a steep draw and felt like we’d dropped off a rock ledge. The impact was teeth-jarring, but I’d not seen any body or armor damage.

But, while stooped to pick up a Christmas decoration I was putting up, I discovered what it was we’d hit — as evidenced by the photo of my exhaust above. I’ve said for some time I wanted to replace my exhaust system to relocate the unsightly factory muffler up out of reach of rocks and other trail obstacles. (All things in time.) I’ve seen far worse off-road exhaust crunching, of course, but this certainly validates that desire.

I’m glad to solve this little mystery!



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