To haul around all that money?


Not that I’m remotely in the market, but I got to perusing tonight some of the pre-built off-road trailers on the market.

I already was familiar with some of the $4,000- and $5,000-dollar options, and had considered most overpriced. I hadn’t before seen, though, units going for well into the five-figure range! I can’t fathom any good reason why someone would pay that much to haul around camping gear.

Instead of spending $65,000 to have an all-in-one bivouac, how about I throw a ground tent in a basic, $500 trailer and spend the remaining $64,500 or so on Jeep parts?



  1. I can imagine spending $5,000 on a stock trailer, but I would seriously worry about it coming apart on me. Rigidity is a serious concern for inexpensive trailers. Throw in matching off-road tires, a roof top tent, water storage, fuel and gas storage and electrical and I can start to see how a trailer might cost close to $10k. I have seen home built trailers based on harbor freight and scrap yard runs for less than $5000 though.

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    1. There are some models I can see being worth that kind of price tag. Others are simply cashing in on the current popularity of overlanding.

      Where I draw the line is these Swiss-army trailers that have the RTTs, solar-fed electrical systems, pressurized water storage, on-board communications, etc. Those are nice things to have, but at some point, it becomes more effective to invest in a rugged RV than an all-encompassing trailer, doesn’t it?

      I know what you’re saying about the HF trailers. My own plans include modifying a small Lowe’s trailer about that size. But, my final sticker price shouldn’t be more than $2,500 to $3,000 at most by the time it’s done.

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      1. It can be done cheaply with a little knowhow. I think building a trailer is attractive because you get to pick and choose what you need and can add more of you choose. If I ever do get a trailer I will throw a roof top tent on it for Niecie, but personally I don’t mind a ground tent.

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        1. I’m fine with RTTs as a concept, they just aren’t right for our family of four. And, we already own a very capable ground tent.

          Whatever route one goes, building one of these is going to be a blast!

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