More thoughts on trailers …

Doing a little more ruminating on some of my expedition trailer options, I’ve been looking at the poorly named “Spec Ops” line by Let’s Go Aero. The Spec Ops, available in three subtle variations, is the Colorado-based company’s pavement-oriented utility trailer, dolled up with off-road wheels and tires and a black paint job.

Still, for all its simplicity, the Spec Ops weighs in at just 552 pounds but its 86 x 54-inch bed has a fair bit more room than the 3.5 x 5-foot Carry-On model I’ve been eyeing. And, at $2,534 delivered, it’s about the same price as what I’d have put into building the Carry-On.




  1. I’d be a little worried about taking a pavement oriented trailer out into the rough stuff. The saving might not be worth it, or they might be. I wonder how much of an affect fuel economy is going to play into things. Those 3.8 Wranglers don’t get great gas milage to begin with.

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    1. If and when I get around to a trailer, I fully expect to be bringing several extra gallons of fuel. All the trailers I’m looking at begin as on-road trailers. The Spec Ops at least comes from the factory with a beefier axle and trail-worthy tires. I found a fellow on YouTube who was going to modify the original version of the trailer into a trail-ready trailer. Unfortunately, his channel went dark a year ago. I’d have liked to see how his developed.

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