Almost time to turn some wrenches!

While I’ve been disappointed in our mild, relatively warm winter, the warmer-than-usual weather will help me out in another area. I’ve a number of projects to tackle on the Jeep this month:

tf-rzeppa-joint-kitFirst, I’ll be replacing my front driveshaft’s leaky CV joint with a high-angle Teraflex Rzeppa replacement kit. It’ll be interesting to see if the install is as easy as the instructions and Teraflex’s promo video make it out to be. (not that I could ever hope to match Dennis Woods’ cat-like reflexes, LOL) Watch for more on my rationale for replacing the joint instead of the entire driveshaft in an upcoming post.

tf-front-rotor-kitNext, I’ve been sitting on the parts to replace my worn front brake pads and upgrade Smokey’s factory rotors for a week. And, in just the last few days, I’ve begun hearing the telltale whine telling me it’s time to get this project moving. The Teraflex (am I becoming a rolling commercial?) big-rotor kit should do the trick.

us_rear_bumper_2-1727_1 Third, I may have shared that I recently discovered the rear-end thunk which I’d thought to be a poorly adjusted rear tire carrier is, in fact, a misaligned rear tailgate. As I’ve researched, it appears to be an almost-common issue with these JKs that the tailgate latch shifts over time, allowing enough movement to create an annoying noise on bumpy surfaces. Given that I’ve put up with this for a year now, it’s time to make an adjustment.

rear-oem-springFinally, my rear springs are beginning to show their age. While my Jeep sits level when empty, just loading my pre-adolescent children into the back seat is now enough to bottom out the suspension! A friend, who sold his modified 2015 JK Sport, has generously donated his factory springs to give Smokey a much-needed boost. Since Smokey’s springs are the softest available from the factory, I’ll be interested to see (a) how much the ride changes and (b) if my ride height increases at all.


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  1. When I threw the springs off a rubicon under my soft-sprung Sahara the boost in the front was unbelievable nearly 2-inches. The whole thing sat level even with a 90lb winch bumper weighing it down. The rear lift was less only about an inch. Because I put a lot of weight on the rear axle I elected to install 3/4-inch spacers in the rear to give it more of a rake when unloaded. I can’t remember how stiff the new rear cools were but I think they were the stiffest you can find on a stock JK. If the new rear coils aren’t enough the 3/4-inch spacers from day star are a great option and cost only about $40 front and rear. I plan to throw the spacers in on the front when I install the winch. I’ll probably throw some longer shocks on about the same time. I’ll be interested to see how the DS repair goes.

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