It’s back!


My Crawler Conceptz front lower skid plate (inverted, above) returned from being powder-coated yesterday, meaning I’m one step closer to getting my license plate out of my front window and covering up that crash bar eyesore. Now, I’ve got to pick up a 1/2-inch ratcheting wrench to avoid some busted knuckles (not to mention a lot of frustration) and make the time to install it!



  1. I somewhat regret my bargain basement bumper. Sure it get the job done and has rated recovery points and grade 8 bolts holding it on but I am worried about longevity. The good thing about it was it came with a skid plate. I think I’ll be swapping it for an ARB deluxe winch bumper eventually. Can’t wait to see the bash plate installed.

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    1. The ARB is a sharp-looking bumper. I had a chance to inspect one up-close on a used-car lot once, and it’s stout.

      For me, the funny thing is, when I first bought Smokey, I’d planned a much different direction with my bumpers. I’d been rock-solid set on the AEV bumpers. I love the design of the front, and I wanted to either go with the standalone bumper and a Teraflex tire carrier or the full AEV rear. In fact, I absolutely hated stubby bumpers and any rear bumper that didn’t wrap around the corners.

      When I won my front bumper, I thought I’d live with it a year or so just because I was so hungry to do something — anything — to my Jeep. But, the look has really grown on me over time, and I’ve come to appreciate the off-road functionality of the stubby.

      I was hoping to install this weekend, as I finally picked up a ratcheting wrench in the size I needed. Unfortunately, though, we may end up getting snow, which would derail those plans.


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