Smokey’s first time top-down


About a month after we brought Smokey home, I took the top completely down for the first time. (I’d fought for a long time after buying her just to get the Sunrider/drip rail area open, as the previous owner had left the top up so long, the area had become packed with dirt to the point the rail wouldn’t rotate out of the inner door surrounds!)

Anyway, my family loaded up and headed south to enjoy a beautiful day in Palo Duro Canyon State Park. We laughed and played in the park all day, finally heading home as the park closed at sunset.

Unfortunately for us, that’s when it hit us the temperature had dropped into the 40s or so.

We started back, but were all miserable with no top and nothing for warmth but our shirt sleeves. I pulled over and put up the top, but we’d left the windows at home. A chilly dash to the Canyon, Texas, Walmart brought blankets to wrap up in, but the ride home was still pretty uncomfortable.

It made for a miserable time, but a great memory!


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