Measuring up

I was fiddling with a tape measure in the garage, and figured I’d check out Smokey’s stance. (I’d recently reported her back end compressing nearly to the bump stops under a modest load.)

Overall, I’ve lost three-quarters of an inch in height — fully half my leveling kit! And, both rear corners sit exactly one inch lower than the front, effectively reversing the factory rake. 

For those familiar with the eight front and nine rear spring lengths available on JKs, Smokey is running No. 13 springs up front, and two No. 55 units out back. Both are the second-lowest spring rates available. Interestingly, most JKs’ front-right spring is one digit higher than the left, presumably to counter the notorious “JK Lean”.



  1. The difference new coils can make is amazing. I went from worn out 16/58s to 18/59s and gained 2-inches in the front and an inch in the rear. I prefer the rake because my focus is overlanding and fully loaded it is far closer to level. Newish take off coils for the JK are plentiful and cheap. Otherwise you could pick up a coil lift.

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    1. I’m not able to pull the trigger on a coil lift yet, but a friend sold his ’14 (’15? can’t recall at the moment) JK, and left it modified. He’s graciously agreed to give me his stock coils. I’m not sure what numbers they are yet, but anything will be an improvement. My concern right now isn’t the height, but for months now, when the kids are in the back seat, the Jeep bottoms out at virtually every bump. It makes for an uncomfortable six-hour trip to Plano for my wife’s treatments.

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      1. You may need new shocks too. I wish I’d gone with Bilsteins but my cheap Monroe Reflex Monotube shocks work better than I expected. Since you’d be down there already it might be worth doing all at once.

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