BREAKING: Wrangler JL dash caught — no cammo!


Mopar news site Allpar made headlines this morning, revealing an unobstructed view of the new JL Wrangler’s dash and center stack. The new layout is decidedly more civilized and car-like, abandoning the Wrangler’s traditional spartan layout.

What do you think, is this a good move for Wrangler, or is Fiat Chrysler diluting Jeep’s iconic DNA? Leave a comment below.


More on the 2018 Jeep Wrangler:



  1. Less of an change to interior coming from a 2011 or newer. More color I suppose. If you’re coming from a 07-2010 Jeep the change is pretty jarring. Overall I prefer the 2011-2017 interior. It’s a nice contrast between utilitarian and modern.

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    1. Of the JK interiors, I’m partial to the earlier models’ more spartan look. Of all the Wranglers, my favorite interior is the YJ, though the CJ’s basic layout is better even than that.

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      1. When it comes to JKs I think the pre 2011 interiors were cheep looking. Not as bad as anything from GM but very utilitarian. Fine for a Jeep, but hey a little athletics is okay right? I have to agree with you on the CJ interior. The Yj is not bad either.

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        1. I wouldn’t call them cheap, though I do see your point. Though there’s no visual similarity, I always thought the early JK interiors’ basic plastic, no-frills appearance carried on the theme, if not the look, of the YJ interior. I can tolerate the latter JK dashes, at least the black ones. (The khaki just looks as cheap and fake as a $10 suit on Broadway!)

          Honestly, this JL interior is attractive. I’d be fine with it for any other vehicle, just not the Wrangler.

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          1. Hey I like my black and Khaki interior! XD We all have different tastes, and who really cares when your wheeling? I can agree the JL interior is attractive. And the JK interiors could be worse. They could look like inside of an FJ.

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