Vexing vinyl 

I gave Smokey a much-needed bath late last week. During cleanup, I saw the extent to which my hood-side vinyl nameplate has deteriorated.

It’s a little frustrating, given that it’s less than four years old, and was purchased from what many consider to be the name in vinyl decals. And, about this being seven-year vinyl …

Plans for a replacement are in the works, but I must make time to touch up the graphic first.



  1. I wonder if they will replace it because it didn’t last the expected amount of time. I have to imagine the sun in your part of the U.S. may have had something to do with it breaking down too quickly. Best of luck getting it replaced.

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    1. That’s an interesting thought. I’ve not explored their warranty on this, as I’ve never been fully satisfied with the shade of silver. For less than $20, I’m going to get a replacement in a better-quality vinyl.

      I thought about the sun, too. But, the allegedly three-year Oracal 651 bear paws on my fenders are almost the same age, and they look like they were put on yesterday.

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