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        1. It’s a lot of fun. (And, if you think Facebook is a great way to mindlessly blow a few hours, wait until you’ve lost an entire day playing around to get some footage to come out just right!) Unfortunately, Adobe has largely abandoned individual consumers like me in favor of the more lucrative enterprise contracts. As a result, we’re left facing a few lingering software glitches without much help from Adobe.


          1. With our cash tied up in other projects I don’t have $30-$60 a month to drop on the creative suit. The return on investment is to small. I’m a big fan of Davinci Resolve for basic editing, and I really enjoy Final Cut, but that’s $300

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            1. I understand. If I were starting out now, I wouldn’t be using Adobe, either. I bought the CS4 Master Collection when it came out. A one-time $2,400 expense was much easier (though not easy!) to swallow than hundreds every month without end. And, I was buying a killer computer system at the time, too, so it all just bled in together. A friend of mine gave me a hard time because my computer and all the software I bought for it cost more than he paid for his new truck!

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