About Me

caryvarnado_1339660621_06A nonprofit marketing executive, I’m also a veteran journalist, having worked as an award-winning newspaper and magazine writer, designer and editor since 1998. I’m also passionate about multimedia’s role in modern worship. I’ve been employed in church media ministry, where I gained experience with website design, projection technology and video production.

I’m a military brat, born in Mississippi and also reared in Nebraska, Texas and Montana. In addition to spending time with my wife, our two children and numerous pets, I’m an avid follower of the automotive industry and enjoy reading, bad movies and the outdoors.

Oh, and Jeeps. 😉



    1. Thanks. It’s slow going, of course, but I want to take my time and build my first one right.

      I was stoked to find your blog on JK Thang! I’ve admired your rig for a while. 😃


  1. This is awesome!!! My friends make fun of me because I like to understand how my vehicle works and I am a retired grandmother! I need a chart of what each fuse / relay / fusible link cartridge is associated with in my vehicle like the one you have compiled! I love your enthusiasm!

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    1. Thank you for the kind words, Diane. I’m glad you found the site helpful. Please feel free to recommend other information or features you’d like to see in the future. I began this site to chart my Jeep’s build, but as it’s evolved, I’ve come to view it as a resource for other Jeepers, like me, who might not have been grease monkeys when they began their Jeep journey.

      Thanks again!


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