Supporting US firms

Smokey the Jeep loves to support American products. If you’re a new company making parts or products for the Jeep aftermarket, we want to know about it!

Send some background on your company, along with a few photos (800 pixels wide at 72 dpi minimum, please) to, and we’ll give your business a FREE simple profile on this site. It’s a great way to reach tens of thousands of Jeepers each year with your products and services.


What kinds of information do you need about my business?
  • Each business is different, but here’s an example of the kind of thing we’ll need to know to tell your story:
  • How long you’ve been in business
  • Where you’re located
  • Key players in your firm
  • What kinds of products you make
  • Why your products are something Jeepers don’t want to miss!
This sounds good, but what’s the catch? Is this some kind of sponsorship request?

No, and there’s no catch! We simply want to connect quality American companies with our audience of Jeep enthusiasts. It’s a win-win scenario: You receive free publicity for your business, and STJ continues to provide quality content to its readers around the world.

Will you review a specific product?

We’re happy to provide a written overview of a specific product line using your information and photos. Such write-ups are informational only, and will not endorse a product which STJ has not used. (We can provide a written and/or video review — implying assessment of actual usage — of any product, if you wish to provide a review sample. Review samples may be returned to you on your request, provided you cover all shipping and eligible insurance charges.) View a sample of a free product overview here.

If I send you a product to test/review, will you guarantee me a positive review?

STJ will not ever misrepresent a product’s quality to our audience. We will provide an honest assessment of any product submitted for testing. Our review will highlight all the positive aspects of the product, as well as any challenges we believe the manufacturer should address. Any grievous problems will be addressed with the manufacturer, giving it an opportunity to respond or address the issue prior to a review’s publication.