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About Cary

Currently a nonprofit marketing official, Cary R. Varnado also has worked as a writer, award-winning designer and copy editor since 1998. Passionate about multimedia’s role in modern worship, he also has been employed in church media ministry, where he gained experience with website design, projection technology and video production. Cary is a military brat. He was born in Mississippi and also was reared in Nebraska, Texas and Montana. In addition to spending time with his wife, their two young children and numerous pets, Cary is an avid follower of the automotive industry and enjoys reading, bad movies and the outdoors.

A little father-kids time

Katelyn, Tommy and I sent about 400 rounds down range this afternoon. It’s not a bad way to spend a few hours together.


It figures, I’d park right next to a sprinkler that would come on while I spent 30 minutes away from the opened-up Jeep. Ugh, the entire front seat, dash and windshield got soaked. So far, everything still works, at least.

Ready to not be here

I’m SO longing a road trip right now …

A busy year at work, another illness for my wife and the steady drumbeat of daily ho-hum has me seriously in the mood for a couple of weeks on the road/trail.

Too bad dropping everything and overlanding to Alaska isn’t in the cards right now, LOL!

Life is full of tough decisions — like Jeep parts or guns. 😉