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About Cary

Currently a nonprofit marketing official, Cary R. Varnado also has worked as a writer, award-winning designer and copy editor since 1998. Passionate about multimedia’s role in modern worship, he also has been employed in church media ministry, where he gained experience with website design, projection technology and video production. Cary is a military brat. He was born in Mississippi and also was reared in Nebraska, Texas and Montana. In addition to spending time with his wife, their two young children and numerous pets, Cary is an avid follower of the automotive industry and enjoys reading, bad movies and the outdoors.

No, I’m not MIA …

The last year or so has been a crazy, stressful time for our family, and this site’s lack of updates reflects that. Please bear with me as our time of trial continues.

And, watch for a couple of new updates, hopefully coming soon!

My view today

The views are beautiful here in Red River, N.M. Not sure if I’ll be able to hit any trails this trip or not, so stay tuned for updates!


Santa’s final gifts

The Rigid R2-46 lights about which I earlier posted arrived today, along with a Poison Spyder Customs hawse fairlead. Watch for updates, which (God willing) will come soon!

Thank you, Santa

Another upgrade is headed Smokey’s way! I snatched up an incredible deal on an unused set of Rigid Industries R2-46 six-inch round lights for my fairlead. Watch for details soon, followed by installation when everything arrives around the middle of January.

Tiresome thoughts

The closer I get to time to replace my tires, making the move from 33s to 35s, I’m thinking of making the jump back to another MT. And, I’m really liking what my research is showing about the Mickey Thompson Baja Boss! Time will tell!