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If Jeep truly isn’t teasing us, i hope this will apply to the Gladiator, because if so, Smokey will be getting a stablemate!

Take my money!

Smokey may truly have a garage-mate if Jeep lives up to the promise of its teaser image released on social media today. Harkening to a Hellcat Wrangler or Gladiator, the hood clearly reads “392,” as in 392 cubic inches of Hemi goodness.

Please, Jeep. Just, please!

Images of Ford’s new Bronco leaks ahead of debut

BigBroncoWith still a month to go before its official debut at the New York International Auto Show, a handful of images of the upcoming Ford Bronco Sport — bearing no feature-obscuring camouflage — have found their way to the web. Ford’s new cute ‘ute will take on Jeep’s Fiat-sourced Renegade.

Check out more photos at Autoblog.

So tempting!

In case you’ve missed it, the 2021 Jeep Gladiator’s DIESEL option is now available to order. Choosing the oil-burning powerplant will set you back an extra $6,000, but it may be worth it — on and off-road. While official MPG ratings have not yet been released, I’ve seen a couple of folks online saying we may just be surprised by a rating at or very close to 30 miles per gallon on the highway!

If that’s true, Smokey just might have to make a little room in the garage. An overlanding Gladiator build could be a lot of fun …


(Cover image courtesy The Drive)