So long, squeak!

We spent the day at the river yesterday wheeling. It was a great day of top-down fun with friends. 

But, while we had a great time playing in the rocks (photos and video to come), wheeling sans soft top showed me just how annoying and loud my sway bar squeak has become. I’ve known it was there for a while, but listening to it all day long yesterday moved me to action. 

I removed the bolts on each end of the front sway bar, slid the bushing over to one side, washed and greased the underlying bar, then secured the bushing back into place. It was a simple procedure, but made a world of difference. 

Ready to go!

Prepped for tomorrow’s trail run:

  • Top down
  • Water 
  • Powerade
  • Trail mix
  • Dried fruit
  • Sunscreen 

Now, will probably lose the doors before heading out. Looking forward to some much-needed relaxation!

A parenting win — for someone

As I waited at a stop light today, a teenager in a maroon YJ approached the intersection from my right side. Flashing a smile, he threw up two fingers in a classic Jeep wave and drove on.

Son, I don’t know who your parents are, but they’re raising you right. Well done!

Gas Station

Why, yes, this is about the only money I ever spend on my Jeep! 😉

On such a gloriously sunny day as this, I just had to dart home during lunch to convert the Jeep to a much happier open-air mode. It’s just too nice to keep the top all buttoned up!