Picked up supplies tonight to change my differential oil. Now, where did I put that bottle pump?

Returning to work on Monday after a vacation just makes me long even more to be out on the trail. 

Two projects done. About to wrap up a third before moving on to a fourth. Getting four of six projects done isn’t a bad day’s work. (And, the day’s not over.) Many thanks to my friend, Cliff J., for his help!

My precious wife uttered the most beautiful words to me today: “Cary, we have got to get a four-door!” 

Music to my ears! 😄

A nice change of pace


I’ve spent the last few nights preparing new hood-side graphics for Smokey. I trained as a journalist, but with a focus on print design. In my current profession, however, I spend more time writing than designing. And, as much as I love writing, design is something I miss.

The only image I have of my existing base graphic is an extremely low-resolution file. I’ve used a lot of my digital crayons to boost it as much as I dare. But, I’m concerned with whether or not I’ve been able to maintain enough integrity and smoothness in the paths for a vinyl plotter to follow. I truly hope this works, though, as I think I’ve reached a very nice place, with a graphic that will look amazing on Smokey.

Want to see the full image? Don’t worry. I’ll share it soon enough. 😉