I’ve spent most of my four-day weekend working in one way or another, so I used this afternoon to wash Smokey, followed by two coats of wax, a good vacuum and an interior detailing. Yes, I’m tired, but that shine is worth it!

A little help …

To the Jeeper searching our site to learn whether or not AEV’s 3.5-inch lift maintains the factory nose-down take, the answer is yes. All AEV lifts maintain the rake. A few Jeeps have unique-enough weight distribution that they sit nearly level post-lift, but AEV does intend to keep the nose-down stance. 

Hope this helps! Post up a comment and let us know what lift you end up going with. Or, check out @SmokeyTheJeep on Instagram, and tag us in a pic of your ride. 
Happy Jeeping!

After getting fed up with leaks at the top of my A-pillar that have slowly gotten worse since shortly after I bought the Jeep, I began looking at replacement-top options. In doing so, I accidentally stumbled onto a solution to my problem. Watch the video above to learn more.

A Guide to Your First Time Off-Roading In A Wrangler

A great read for beginners in the Jeeping world. I remember many of these experiences! Blog

It’s not a stretch to say that many Jeepers, myself included, are drawn to the Wrangler for its go anywhere do anything attitude—the Wrangler is the car you buy when you don’t want to conform, when you strive for more. Owning a vehicle that can be

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Dallas trip update

We got back late Monday night (Tuesday morning) from our latest trip to the Dallas area. Along the way, we had a chance to test my latest attempt to solve a recurring JK problem — with great success! 

I’ll post up a video as soon as our weather cooperates enough for me to film it!