It’s finally cold enough to wear my Jeep ‘sweater’!


A brief, but fulfilling, outing

My family is in town visiting this week, so we ventured to our local off-road playground today so they could, hopefully, understand a little better what this “Jeep thing” is all about. We’d barely launched into the sand along the Canadian River, when we came upon an early ’90s Dodge Ram, complete with low-profile tires on large-diameter wheels, buried in the sand. 

I hopped out and offered my tow strap, then pulled them out and went on our way. On the return trip, we came upon the same truck again stuck in the sand. After a quick pull, I encouraged the driver to feather his throttle and avoid the deep sand. Then, we went on our way. 

We didn’t stay long, but it’s always nice to feel like you’ve made even a minor difference to brighten someone’s day. I guess my folks got to see what Jeeping is all about, after all. 

My mod: Your voice!

Here’s the scoop: Regular readers of this blog know I’ve long been planning a set of rock sliders as the next addition to my Jeep. And, that’s still my inclination.

But, a couple of things have happened recently to give me a moment of pause in my planning. First, I stumbled upon a surprising deal on a set of name-brand LED pods. Second, the eBay-sourced, el cheapo switch for my rock lights died on the trail last weekend.

All this has me thinking: Do I stick with my rock-slider plan, and wait six months to a year (based on my typical mod rate) to replace the switch? Or, do I replace the economy-oriented switch with a six-switch, header-mounted model that will control by CB, rock lights and back-up lights — and allow future expansion as I add other lights and accessories? And, if I go the switch route, do I add some A-pillar lights to it, or reserve what funds I can to go toward a future rock-slider purchase?

I’ve considered and reconsidered my plans, and made pro-vs.-con lists until my brains turned to Jello. Now, it’s your turn. Have fun with the poll below. More importantly, though, I’d like to invite your comments; please explain why you’d make the choice you would.

Who knows, you may just influence my final decision!


I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Gear oil stinks! #DiffOilChange #Maintenance

My goal always has been to put functional aspects of my build ahead of more showy parts.

But, should that still apply when you find a really good deal on one of those infrequently used mods? Hmm … Can’t … Decide …