Random thoughts

What a week!

I’ve been insanely busy at work the last couple of weeks. It’s been a good busy, but my mind and body are starting to feel it in a big way. I’ve brought a lot of work home with me this weekend, but I’ll need to find some time to recharge, too, or next week will be even longer!

So much for that oil change last night. I got everything ready, put the wrench on the bolt, and … it immediately rounded right off. Argh!

Since it was after 5 p.m., I ran to my local auto parts store to grab a replacement, but the two their computers said would fit (a) looked nothing like the one I have now and (b) were completely different sizes and shapes from each other.

Rather than buying the wrong thing and have to go back again to return it, I decided to wait and go hit up the dealer for one at lunch today. At least their (surely overpriced) bolt will be guaranteed to be the one I need. Right?

A cold front put the brakes on my plans for this weekend, so I’ll be changing the Jeep’s oil tonight instead. My son and I are planning a fun father-son evening. I hope he’ll be OK with a little Jeep maintenance to kick off our plans!

Welcome, global Jeepers!

For the first time, a nation other than the United States, Canada or Australia has broken into this site’s top three traffic-origin locations. And, it’s a nation you might not expect.

I do see fairly consistent traffic coming to STJ from the Middle East, though the numbers are consistently very low. Today, though, someone (or someones) from Qatar has decided to spend a little time with us.

I thought about looking up and posting a traditional greeting to our visitor(s), but with my luck, some linguistic nuance would result in my insulting my guest instead of wishing them well.

So, instead, let me just say this: Welcome. I hope you find this site informative and entertaining!

Measuring up

I was fiddling with a tape measure in the garage, and figured I’d check out Smokey’s stance. (I’d recently reported her back end compressing nearly to the bump stops under a modest load.)

Overall, I’ve lost three-quarters of an inch in height — fully half my leveling kit! And, both rear corners sit exactly one inch lower than the front, effectively reversing the factory rake. 

For those familiar with the eight front and nine rear spring lengths available on JKs, Smokey is running No. 13 springs up front, and two No. 55 units out back. Both are the second-lowest spring rates available. Interestingly, most JKs’ front-right spring is one digit higher than the left, presumably to counter the notorious “JK Lean”.