Random thoughts

I stopped at Los Lupes in Carrollton for lunch before my interview. Service was extremely fast, and the fajitas are very good. On the down side, the tea isn’t great, and I’m not a fan of lime-infused salsa.

Overall, not a bad experience!


New year, new thoughts

I’ve hatched some fun new ideas for the blog as we enter 2018. The only real question is whether or not I’ll be able to make time to implement them!

Lights up, and ready to glow!

I finally put up the last few lights in this year’s Christmas display this weekend. We try to change it up just a little every year, and we’re excited about how this year’s turned out. And, of course, I’m already making plans for next year!

Though I took advantage of unseasonably warm weather yesterday to get started, the time has finally come to put up our Christmas lights!

We’ve made a few minor additions to our display this year, and I’m excited to see it all come together. Hopefully, I’ll be able to push and get everything up before the long Thanksgiving weekend is over.

Chip off the old Jeep? Stay tuned

We picked up a rental vehicle today for our regular excursion to the Dallas area. Our ride for the weekend?

How does a 2017 Jeep Renegade sound? Watch for my review and photos, coming soon.