Random thoughts

We’re finally getting a little snow, but the bug my son shared over the Christmas break still has me down and not feeling up to playing in the slick, white playground. Hopefully, we’ll get more soon.


I find it amusing that visitors to this site spend exceedingly more time looking at lift and snorkel comparisons than any other mod or accessory.

That projected eight inches of snow? Yeah, well, not only did we not get them — the entire weather system shifted south at the last minute, so all we’re receiving this weekend is bitterly cold air and an occasional drizzle of rain. So disappointing!

Check-engine light came on tonight leaving work. Running the code, my Mount Vesuvius battery isn’t providing an adequate charge.

Time to go battery shopping …

Just in time for the weather to get nasty at the end of the week, Smokey is washed, waxed and her rock sliders touched up. Now, to vacuum and clean her interior before the top goes back up …