Lighting Guide

The following chart lists the correct incandescent replacement for Jeep JK applications. If you’re using an aftermarket LED light, note the Jeep’s on-board CAN-bus system can cause flickering or other issues requiring a more customized installation.

High/low beam headlamp H13 (9008), H13ST or H13XV
Parking lamp 3157 or 3157LL
Front turn signal 3157 or 3157LL
Rear turn signal 3157 or 3157LL
Tail light 3157 or 3157LL
Stop light 3157 or 3157LL
Center high-mount stop lamp LED
Fog/driving light 9145 or 9145ST
License plate 194 or 194LL
Back-up light 3157 or 3157LL
Front side marker 194 or 194LL
Rear side marker 3157 or 3157LL
Dome light 578
Step/courtesy light 906 or 906LL
Trunk/cargo area 578
Under-hood light 561
Automatic transmission indicator 37

The information presented here is correct for 2009-model Jeep Wrangler JKs. While it is reasonable to assume its validity for use with model years 2007 to 2011, owners of those vehicles use this guide at their own risk. Smokey the Jeep makes no guarantee as to the accuracy for specific models.

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