Today is the day


Best news on the Web today!

If Jeep truly isn’t teasing us, i hope this will apply to the Gladiator, because if so, Smokey will be getting a stablemate!

Things have been pretty rough recently, but the weather report is providing a small reason to smile — we’re expecting our first snow of the season in coming days.

I’ve been meaning to share my thoughts on the new Teraflex lift in a longer, more organized form, but life and work keep getting in the way. Don’t give up on me, though. That content will come — soon!

Pain in the rear!

This weekend, I finally got around to rotating my tires. I’d been putting it off nearly a month now.

It’s a simple job, of course, but since relocating my license plate to my spare tire, remounting the plate anytime it’s removed has been a literal pain in my backside. The tabs on my tire carrier could stand to be a quarter-inch or more longer to make the job manageable for anyone with human-sized hands, and I’ve decided I’m going this week to purchase longer bolts to ease the job of (1) holding the plate bracket in place, (2) feeding the bolt and washer through the tiny hole where an easy-adjusting slot should be and (3) simultaneously installing the lock nut.

I’m already dreading having to tackle this the next time!