Black Sheep Off-Road

A brief, but much-needed outing

Saturday found us at the Canadian River, where a number of friends were spending the weekend camping and wheeling. It was great to see everyone, and spend just a little time playing in the hills overlooking the Canadian River.

Watch for a video synopsis, coming soon, and head over to our YouTube channel (SmokeyTheJeep) to catch a couple of highlights from the trip.


I’m finally making some time to sort through and edit the footage I shot Independence Day, including this little clip of “Jeremy Wheels” and Kristen crawling around Can Opener, just south of the Canadian River.

I’d not planned to do any wheeling this week, but when an unexpected invite for a night run came my way, I took advantage of it. So, while my wife and daughter did some clothes shopping, Tommy and I took to the hills along the Canadian River.

Tommy enjoyed hitting the trails as the sun crept closer to the horizon, but his fears got the best of him after sundown. (For the record, he did an admirable job of trying to hid them.) So, we parted ways with the group only an hour or so after sunset, but, it was a good time out as father and son!

PHOTOS: Jeepend wheeling

I didn’t shoot much in the way of photos this weekend (and, half of these aren’t even mine), though I did capture some video that I’ll post later.