PHOTOS: 2019 Jeep Cherokee redesign

A softened Jeep KL Cherokee debuted Tuesday at the 2018 North American International Auto Show. Click through the photos above, then read my first thoughts here.

A slightly better face — I’ll have more thoughts soon …

Well, this should be interesting — I hope.

Maybe they need a password … hackers steal Jeeps, Dodge pickups using laptops

Last year, a duo of computer geeks showed the world they could hack into and immobilize a Jeep Cherokee with nothing more than a laptop, prompting Chrysler to later recall 1.4 million vehicles.Clearly these vehicles have some cyber-security issues, because police say two intrepid hackers in Houston used a laptop and pirated software to steal more than 30 Jeeps and Dodges, according to local news reports. (via Jalopnik)

Read the full story here: 

VIDEO: Driver drowns engine to diagnose Jeep’s deep-water issues

From Jalopnik’s Truck Yeah!:

After hydrolocking my Jeep and then removing the deformed carcass that once was its engine, I’ve never been able to look at deep water puddles the same. Which is why this video of a Jeep four-liter fighting for dear life makes me tremble in terror.

This is an older video, but it’s a unique one; where else have you seen an engine bay-view of a car going through deep water? Plus, considering all the flooding going on in Texas, this one’s fairly relevant right now.

Watch the video, then get the full video here: