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Unexpected blessings

I felt my phone buzz in my pocket as my wife and I sat in church this morning. Wanting to make sure there wasn’t a problem at work, I glanced at the alert, but it wasn’t from the office.

img_6314Instead, I saw Seven Slot Battalion had chosen me to win their most recent giveaway. This surprise will contain a Seven Slot Battalion T-shirt and windshield banner, as well as a Nighthawk light brow, courtesy of Undercover Truck Lids!

I want to extend my thanks to Seven Slot Battalion and Undercover Truck Lids. Watch for a product review and installation write up on the light brow in the near future.

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Our friends at Northridge 4×4 have teamed with Truck-Lite to offer Jeepers a chance to win a set of LED headlights! Click the link above to enter, then be sure to check out our LED-headlight comparison here!

Good luck!