Jeep wave

A parenting win — for someone

As I waited at a stop light today, a teenager in a maroon YJ approached the intersection from my right side. Flashing a smile, he threw up two fingers in a classic Jeep wave and drove on.

Son, I don’t know who your parents are, but they’re raising you right. Well done!


Kudos and respect to the Jeeper in the red TJ who tossed up a Jeep wave this morning from across Interstate 27. That’s what it’s all about, sir!

I went three for two in returned Jeep waves yesterday afternoon. (A lifted Chevy pickup wearing a BDS Suspension wrap thew up a wave as I passed by, so I’ll give him credit as part of the extended off-road family, LOL.)

That’s, sadly, an excellent response for this area.

It seems fewer and fewer Jeepers wave anymore, but the driver of this Compass (black Compass Rallye, at left) offered a big grin and a wave. Soft-roader or not, kudos, sir. Kudos!