My luck ran out, kind of


While sitting at a red light on my way back to work from lunch today, another driver failed to stop while approaching me from behind.

The good news is, I don’t believe either of us was hurt. The other driver is fine. My neck and back are a bit sore, but I’ll see how I feel in the morning before bringing a doctor into it. (I’m no ambulance chaser, after all.)

Aside from a scratched wheel, I think Smokey is OK. Her tailgate rattles a bit more now, so I’ll pay a visit to the mechanic soon to sound the proverbial ship.

Still, given the damage the other vehicle suffered, it could’ve been much worse.


Lighten up!

As promised, here are some nighttime images of my new KC Hilites Cyclone bumper-mounted LED reverse lights.

KC Cyclones alone

OEM reverse lights

KC Cyclones from 25 feet away

Watch for more clips and a full trip report from our latest outing in the days to come:



It cracks me up!

Does anything truly epitomize the Jeep life more than those annoying dings and cracks in your windshield?

A quick glance at Smokey’s windshield reveals no less than 20 imperfections, ranging from minor dings to some serious starred cracks. My current glass has been the exception, surviving a couple of years. I’ll typically go through at least a windshield per year, sometimes more!

What’s your Jeep glass experience been? Share your story in the comments below.

A brief, but much-needed outing

Saturday found us at the Canadian River, where a number of friends were spending the weekend camping and wheeling. It was great to see everyone, and spend just a little time playing in the hills overlooking the Canadian River.

Watch for a video synopsis, coming soon, and head over to our YouTube channel (SmokeyTheJeep) to catch a couple of highlights from the trip.