Jeep’s Chinese cloud-mapper

Motor Trend is reporting Jeep’s debut of the Yuntu Concept at the 2017 Shanghai Auto Show. Yutu, loosely translated as “cloud map”, is a seven-seat, plug-in hybrid SUV targeted at China’s growing SUV market. There are no current plans to bring it to the U.S.

Check out the full MT report here:

After getting fed up with leaks at the top of my A-pillar that have slowly gotten worse since shortly after I bought the Jeep, I began looking at replacement-top options. In doing so, I accidentally stumbled onto a solution to my problem. Watch the video above to learn more.

2018 Wrangler JL leaked!

Check out this report from Extreme Terrain, including additional *unmasked* photos and full-color renderings! And, expect more here as I have it.

Early images of the 2018 Wrangler have been leaked, confirming previous rumors and backing up a lot of spy photography.

via LEAKED! First Images Of The 2018 JL Wrangler — Blog

Wheeling Rosita Flats National Recreation Area with Black Sheep Off-Road

Smokey got a chance Saturday to stretch her legs with Black Sheep Off-Road at our nearby playground, the Rosita Flats National Recreation Area along the Canadian River. I didn’t shoot much in the way of photos or video this trip, but my photos, along with a handful of shots of Smokey courtesy of a friend, are here for your entertainment. Below, my friend had gotten himself stuck in a draw and was yanked out. Naturally, he had to try again. 😉

Measuring up

I was fiddling with a tape measure in the garage, and figured I’d check out Smokey’s stance. (I’d recently reported her back end compressing nearly to the bump stops under a modest load.)

Overall, I’ve lost three-quarters of an inch in height — fully half my leveling kit! And, both rear corners sit exactly one inch lower than the front, effectively reversing the factory rake. 

For those familiar with the eight front and nine rear spring lengths available on JKs, Smokey is running No. 13 springs up front, and two No. 55 units out back. Both are the second-lowest spring rates available. Interestingly, most JKs’ front-right spring is one digit higher than the left, presumably to counter the notorious “JK Lean”.