First look: The (never) finished product

It’s been a long time coming, but Smokey looks good with the addition of her three-inch Teraflex lift. Admittedly, the difference is less dramatic since I was removing a 1.5-inch leveling kit and taller-than-original springs and already have beefy front and rear steel bumpers, but there’s clearly room now to fit some 35s by early next year.

Here’s how the ride-height results break down by corner after letting the springs settle in over a couple of hundred miles:

img_6361-1Front left: 3.5”

Front right: 3.5”

Rear left: 2.165”

Rear right: 2.415”

I’m moving terribly slowly, so it’s taking forever, but installation of my new Teraflex three-inch lift, track bars, Sport arms and brake lines is starting to come together!

Guess who’s a happy camper?

All but one of my packages arrived today. And, aside from one item containing an I’m-returning-this email from a previous purchaser, everything seems to be in order. Watch for product installs, to follow soon!

Thought I’d get out today and adjust my rattling tailgate before our upcoming trip to North Texas. Despite my best efforts, the infamous JK clunk continues.

Watch for a more detailed write-up in the near future …