After getting fed up with leaks at the top of my A-pillar that have slowly gotten worse since shortly after I bought the Jeep, I began looking at replacement-top options. In doing so, I accidentally stumbled onto a solution to my problem. Watch the video above to learn more.


I crawled under the Jeep this weekend to install the skid plate below my front bumper. But after starting all but one of the bolts, the seam between the skid and bumper at the final bolt location were too far apart to join with the bolt! (My initial test fit revealed a gap here, but I suppose adding powder has increased the gap.) I tried loosening and removing some of the other bolts to create more play, but nothing enabled me to secure the skid in place. (A longer bolt isn’t an option, due to the faceted surface of the bumper and skid plate.)

Finally, I gave up and removed it completely. As I stewed over the situation the next morning, I fired off an email to Shad at CrawlerConceptz. To his credit, I received a reply about lunchtime, suggesting I trim the outboard corners of my Jeep’s crash bar to clearance the skid or simply leave out the final bolt. But, as I looked more closely at that option, I realized two things: First, Jeep has changed the design of the JK’s crash bar at least twice since the JK’s initial launch (web searches show at least three designs in existence) and, second, there’s nothing hanging down below the crash bar that should hinder my skid from bolting into place.

I want to spend some more time looking at the situation, but at this point, I think the entire crash bar may hang a 16th or so too low to allow the skid from bolting up. So, if that proves to be the case, would you:

Hyline announces rear JK fender liners

With so many manufacturers now offering front fender liners for the Jeep Wrangler JK, a few are now capitalizing on the trend and adding rear liners to their product lineup. I’m excited to see where this is headed, and the latest product debut has me wishing I was farther along in Smokey’s build.

Late last week, Pennsylvania-based Hyline Offroad announced its own rear fender liner at the 8th annual Jeeps in the Vineyard in Shamong, New Jersey. A post on the company’s Facebook page echoed the product reveal:

“Rear fender liners are in the making. If you’re at jeeps in the vineyard stop by and give us some feed back.”

Like the rear liners offered by Crawler Conceptz, Hyline’s liner is a full covering, not just a cosmetic piece, but boasts a rounded top, rather than the California company’s more chiseled approach. Hyline reports some minor cosmetic changes are still coming, but the product will launch soon looking very similar to what you see here. At least two other companies offer a cosmetic applique that improves the appearance of the JK’s liner-less inner fenders.

Watch for a product comparison, coming soon.



Will the new Mopar LED headlights fit earlier Jeeps? The answer is of course they will. Over the weekend, I shared a post by another blogger showcasing Jeep’s new LED headlights, which come standard on 2017 Sahara and Rubicon models.

Now, popular aftermarket retailer Quadratec has posted a video to its YouTube page showing just how to fit the new lights into JKs from 2007 to 2016. (It’s a little different than installing Truck-Lites or JW Speaker headlights, as Mopar molds the headlight bucket and the headlight assembly into a single unit.)

Watch Quadratec’s video below, then head over to the company’s site to view all its LED headlight offerings for our Jeeps.

A little more stopping power

I finally got to install my Teraflex large-diameter rear rotors and Hawk Performance LTS pads this weekend. I’ll collate the photos and prepare the installation write-up soon. I decided to use this weekend’s unseasonably warm weather to give Smokey what could be a final wash and wax before winter instead of sitting in front of the computer. 🙂