BREAKING: Wrangler JL dash caught — no cammo!


Mopar news site Allpar made headlines this morning, revealing an unobstructed view of the new JL Wrangler’s dash and center stack. The new layout is decidedly more civilized and car-like, abandoning the Wrangler’s traditional spartan layout.

What do you think, is this a good move for Wrangler, or is Fiat Chrysler diluting Jeep’s iconic DNA? Leave a comment below.


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2018 Wrangler JL leaked!

Check out this report from Extreme Terrain, including additional *unmasked* photos and full-color renderings! And, expect more here as I have it.

Early images of the 2018 Wrangler have been leaked, confirming previous rumors and backing up a lot of spy photography.

via LEAKED! First Images Of The 2018 JL Wrangler — ExtremeTerrain.com Blog

It’s getting closer …

Signs now point to the all-new-for-2018 JL Wrangler making its debut at Automobility LA, the new name for the media-only days at the 2017 Los Angles Auto Show. That would put the public reveal in late November, which closely coincides with the currently rumored production date of Nov. 13, 2017.

By the way, if you’re hoping to custom-order one of the last JK Wranglers, your last day to do so will be Friday, Sept. 29.

With Ford announcing plans for a hybrid-electric version of its iconic Mustang to reach dealers by 2020, would you support (or buy) a hybrid JL Wrangler? I’ve no doubt Fiat Chrysler has considered the potential. But, do you think the Jeep faithful would support such a radical change?

2018 JL Wrangler clay model reveals likely roof design

The good folks at Wrangler JL Forums recently posted a leaked clay design study of an early JL design. (The monstrocity bore uncanny resemblance to the current Jeep Renegade, and likely would’ve sent used Wrangler prices further into the stratosphere.)

A detail from the model that has a lot of people talking, though, is the six-panel roof design (three up top, two side windows and rear window) that shows how Jeep engineers are at least contemplating meeting new safety standards without sacrificing Wrangler’s open-air feel.

Visit Wrangler JL Forums at the link above, or check out this post at Extreme Terrain’s blog: Leaked: 2018 JL Wrangler Clay Models and Roof Design! — ExtremeTerrain.com Blog


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