Employees give Warn buyer Keystone average marks

Keystone Automotive Operations, the new parent company of Warn Industries’ off-road accessories segment, receives average marks from its employees, according to workforce-review site

In 67 reviews, Keystone employees rate the company 2.7 out of five stars overall, with just 29 percent of workers saying they would recommend the company to a friend.  While such reviews put Keystone in an “average” category, a troubling 77 percent of Glassdoor respondents reported their hiring experience with the company as negative.

No profile was available for Keystone’s corporate parent, LKQ Corporation.

Read the full Keystone profile on Glassdoor here:,41.htm


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Keystone Automotive reels in Warn in latest industry buyout

In the latest stunning off-road industry acquisition, Keystone Automotive Operations has purchased the aftermarket-parts division of Warn Industries, according to online reports.

Keystone is a subsidiary brand operated by multinational firm LKQ Corporation.

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A brief, but fulfilling, outing

My family is in town visiting this week, so we ventured to our local off-road playground today so they could, hopefully, understand a little better what this “Jeep thing” is all about. We’d barely launched into the sand along the Canadian River, when we came upon an early ’90s Dodge Ram, complete with low-profile tires on large-diameter wheels, buried in the sand. 

I hopped out and offered my tow strap, then pulled them out and went on our way. On the return trip, we came upon the same truck again stuck in the sand. After a quick pull, I encouraged the driver to feather his throttle and avoid the deep sand. Then, we went on our way. 

We didn’t stay long, but it’s always nice to feel like you’ve made even a minor difference to brighten someone’s day. I guess my folks got to see what Jeeping is all about, after all. 

Water, mud and fire mark weekend of wheeling

Smokey and I hit the trails at the Canadian River on Saturday after riding in the annual Tri-State Fair parade in Amarillo. It was a brief trip, as one of the Jeeps in the group was suffering repeated starter issues. But, it wasn’t entirely without incident, as one of the rigs got buried in the river, and another caught fire after I left! (Thankfully, it was a small blaze, and both occupants were unharmed.)

I recorded a little video, but work has prevented me from scrubbing through it for clips to share. So, watch for more soon.

NOTE: Thanks to Jessica for the photos of Smokey at Big Red!