PHOTOS: 2017 Polk Street Cruise

Other than a brief rain and hail mix — first time I’ve been caught topless in the rain — last week’s Polk Street Cruise in downtown Amarillo was a fun experience. That said, I don’t know that I’d do it again. Traffic was way too congested — isn’t the point of a ‘cruse’ to, you know, cruise? Still, it was good to see some fellow Jeepers and other auto enthusiasts. My apologies for the mediocre photos. (My thanks to Christina for the Jeep group shot!)


PHOTOS: Jeepend wheeling

I didn’t shoot much in the way of photos this weekend (and, half of these aren’t even mine), though I did capture some video that I’ll post later.

Vexing vinyl 

I gave Smokey a much-needed bath late last week. During cleanup, I saw the extent to which my hood-side vinyl nameplate has deteriorated.

It’s a little frustrating, given that it’s less than four years old, and was purchased from what many consider to be the name in vinyl decals. And, about this being seven-year vinyl …

Plans for a replacement are in the works, but I must make time to touch up the graphic first.

Photos: Memorial Day weekend wheeling

I was thrilled to have my entire family join in for an afternoon of hill climbing on Saturday with local group Black Sheep Off-Road. Several of their members were camping at Rosita Creek Flats National Recreation Area, our closest off-road playground. By the end of the day, my wife had a horrific headache, so we took a pass on dinner and headed home.


(Thanks to Chris S. for the pics of Smokey!)

Wheeling Rosita Flats National Recreation Area with Black Sheep Off-Road

Smokey got a chance Saturday to stretch her legs with Black Sheep Off-Road at our nearby playground, the Rosita Flats National Recreation Area along the Canadian River. I didn’t shoot much in the way of photos or video this trip, but my photos, along with a handful of shots of Smokey courtesy of a friend, are here for your entertainment. Below, my friend had gotten himself stuck in a draw and was yanked out. Naturally, he had to try again. 😉