Picked up supplies tonight to change my differential oil. Now, where did I put that bottle pump?

Two projects done. About to wrap up a third before moving on to a fourth. Getting four of six projects done isn’t a bad day’s work. (And, the day’s not over.) Many thanks to my friend, Cliff J., for his help!

My precious wife uttered the most beautiful words to me today: “Cary, we have got to get a four-door!” 

Music to my ears! 😄

My relatively new (fewer than 5,000 miles) front and rear pads and rotors have developed an occasional whine with moderate braking pressure. Gotta make some time this weekend to make sure everything is tight and in order. (I’ve seen a few folks complain online about my chosen brand of pad being prone to this, so I’m betting that’s all it is.)

Best thing I saw on the Interwebs tonight, a comment on a Jeep lift install video:

“If I got a Jeep with a rear axle, and I get a lift, do I have to change it?”

😂 Yes, absolutely. You should have bought the Jeep without the rear axle. 😂