It’s way too beautiful out there for winter gear. I had to lose the windows and flip back the sunrider over my lunch break. 🙂

So much for that oil change last night. I got everything ready, put the wrench on the bolt, and … it immediately rounded right off. Argh!

Since it was after 5 p.m., I ran to my local auto parts store to grab a replacement, but the two their computers said would fit (a) looked nothing like the one I have now and (b) were completely different sizes and shapes from each other.

Rather than buying the wrong thing and have to go back again to return it, I decided to wait and go hit up the dealer for one at lunch today. At least their (surely overpriced) bolt will be guaranteed to be the one I need. Right?

A cold front put the brakes on my plans for this weekend, so I’ll be changing the Jeep’s oil tonight instead. My son and I are planning a fun father-son evening. I hope he’ll be OK with a little Jeep maintenance to kick off our plans!

It’s been a while since I checked to make sure the site’s pages were up to date, all the links still work, etc., so I took some time tonight to give everything a quick look. Added a little new content here and there, too.

When you run topless, you never think about a bird pooping in your Jeep! 😡