Superwinch unveiled its new premium EXP winch models at SEMA last year, but in all honesty, I missed it. That’s a tragedy, too, because the interwebs are mum on much detail (including pricing, which I’m betting hasn’t been set, though I’d expect a Warn Zeon-level cost) about this cool new winch. Superwinch, though, recently shared a video by FourWheeler on their Facebook page highlighting it’s ground-breaking features. Check it out!


After getting fed up with leaks at the top of my A-pillar that have slowly gotten worse since shortly after I bought the Jeep, I began looking at replacement-top options. In doing so, I accidentally stumbled onto a solution to my problem. Watch the video above to learn more.

YouTube user TrailRecon has a great video comparing different methods of airing up your tires after a trail run. Check it out, and please share your thoughts below!

I’m currently using a Harbor Freight single portable compressor, but my plans include a dual-ARB compressor and air tank. That said, that CO2 tank sure looks impressive!

Doing a little more ruminating on some of my expedition trailer options, I’ve been looking at the poorly named “Spec Ops” line by Let’s Go Aero. The Spec Ops, available in three subtle variations, is the Colorado-based company’s pavement-oriented utility trailer, dolled up with off-road wheels and tires and a black paint job.

Still, for all its simplicity, the Spec Ops weighs in at just 552 pounds but its 86 x 54-inch bed has a fair bit more room than the 3.5 x 5-foot Carry-On model I’ve been eyeing. And, at $2,534 delivered, it’s about the same price as what I’d have put into building the Carry-On.