I keep waiting to wake up and realize the flaw in these dual-LED pod mounts from Off-Camber Fabrications, but it hasn’t hit me yet. These mounts keep a pair of LED pods nice and compact, yet retail near-full adjustability. (It does appear installing and aiming the pods may be a bit more difficult with these, but minimizing the profile the lights present going down the road make that worth it, in my opinion.

And, at $50, it’s just a tick less expensive than the much taller Rigid dual-pod mount.

During a recent day that was particularly hot, my family took note of an amusing phenomenon. As we pulled out of our garage, Smokey’s thermostat read 77 degrees Fahrenheit. You can see from the video, it didn’t take long for the internal thermometer to register the change as we drove across town.

It later peaked at 109 degrees.