Gear Review: Superwinch Tiger Shark 9500 SR

A nice look at the Superwinch Tiger Shark series of electric winches. Watch STJ for a feature comparison among popular winches, coming soon!

Expedition Report

Since there are so many advantages to switching from a cable winch line to a synthetic winch line, (which if you haven’t already read about you can do so HERE) it was time to upgrade our setup to run on synthetic line. Being that my formal education is in Risk Management, I did a lot of research to make sure we picked a setup that had as few weak points as possible. Our research lead us to decide on a winch designed with the unique requirements of the Dyneema rope in mind.

How can a winch be “designed for synthetic line use”?

Its simple, all you have to do is ask “What are the weaknesses of synthetic winch lines?” A little bit of research with tell you that it’s two forms of kryptonite are: Heat & Abrasion.

We can prevent one of those weaknesses from happening by choosing the right winch, and the other by careful planning…

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